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Part Exchange Your Vehicle at Hendy Suzuki in Kent 

Are you looking to upgrade your car? We're always on the hunt for part-exchange models available for trade in and offer the best prices.

Our size and status as a multi-brand main dealer gives us the ability to regularly offer the best used car prices available. We also offer generous part-exchange deals should you wish to upgrade your vehicle. You can buy from Hendy Suzuki with confidence, knowing that as a main dealer our brand experts can be trusted to securely handle your sale.

For your free, no-obligation part-exchange valuation, just get in touch with your nearest Hendy Suzuki dealership to arrange an appointment.

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How we value it

We would be happy to offer a guide price for your vehicle, but to obtain a full valuation, we will need to see your car on site at one of our Suzuki dealerships. This gives us the chance to perform a full, accurate appraisal of your vehicle, including:

This process also offers you the opportunity to decide whether part-exchange or a simple sale is best for you.

Once we have valued your vehicle, we will give you your no obligation offer in writing with the price guaranteed, even if you decide not to purchase a car from us.

For your free, no-obligation valuation, just get in touch with your nearest Hendy Suzuki dealership today to arrange an appointment.

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Every car we buy second hand will have some sort of imperfection, however it still pays to make sure your vehicle is looking its best when coming in for its valuation.

Remember, we are professionals and can still supply you a vehicle valuation in any condition, however it may be advisable to consider the following.


Don't worry about the mechanical condition of your vehicle - we have plenty of service personnel to help with that. It is important though that you keep your car in good general condition during your ownership. Topping up tyre pressure, engine oil, washer and coolant bottles not only keep your vehicle in perfect running order, but protect its future value.

Cleaning your vehicle

Although not necessarily as important as when selling a vehicle privately, making sure your car is clean is always a great idea when getting a valuation. Professional products such as plastic restorers or maybe even a valet will help things along, especially if you have had animals regularly in your vehicle.


Make sure you have all paperwork together for your vehicle, including the V5C registration document. This also includes any servicing, MOT and tax certification and documents. Receipts for any servicing work are also helpful as these prove you have been a responsible owner of the vehicle.

What to bring

Once you've agreed on a price and the day has arrived to bring in your vehicle, make sure you bring in the following documents: